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Scott’s Honor


This week, Scott Caan went viral in Hawaii. I know we don’t like Caan with “virus” in the same thought, but his appearance on E! Networks’ Cheslea Lately riled up a lot of my friends. I can understand why, but really—it’s Caan, an actor who gets overpaid to live in Hawaii for playing a whining character on a show that exaggerates crime in Hawaii. Why are we surprised and, more importantly, why do we care? 

Hawaii residents are proud of their state, with good reason, but it’s good to remember that not all people in the world love it here. I do, but I chose to be here. Sure the island and I have our fights, but we still end up loving each other at the end of the night and our makeup sex is quite good. But anyone relocated here for work, such as actors, sometimes don’t like it here. Sometimes they say it out loud. What’s wrong with that?

It’s an overreaction for people to say, “He’s making us look bad,” “He should watch his back” once he returns, “He should quit” the show if he doesn’t like it here (see the comment threads here and here). In the clip, Caan limply comments on our island pace, already an old joke, and our meth issues, which, although ignorantly paraphrased by both Caan and Chelsea Handler, still exist. Chelsea Lately is a talk show hosted by a comedienne. It’s not a news outlet. These things get said, especially on her show, which—if you’ve ever watched it outside of this clip you already know—gets a lot more ignorant.

Scottergate isn’t anything more than a PR problem between Caan and his publicist. If we get so upset by this guy, we’re inherently giving him too much credit. Are we even going to remember him after Five-0?

—James Cave is the Arts & Culture editor. Reach him at jamescave@honoluluweekly.com

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